waiver services

Documents and information supporting the administration, management and delivery of Home and Community Based Waiver Services in Pennsylvania including waiver capacity, qualification processes and stakeholder agreements.

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Provider Qualification And Enrollment

ODP Provider Qualification Documentation Record and ODP Communications supporting the qualification process as well as HCSIS Instructions.

SCO Qualification Process

Initial and Triennial SCO Qualification Process.

Waiver Exception Request Process

Waiver Exception Request Form and ODP Communication related to process for exception to service limits and units.

Vacancy Exception Request Form

Request for Exception to Service Limits or Units Info Packet #067-12

signed provider agreements

On May 27, 2009, the ODP Provider Agreement for Participation in Pennsylvania’s Consolidated and Person/Family Directed support (P/FDS) Waivers (Provider Agreement) was released to all Waiver Providers in Pennsylvania. The Provider Agreement serves as the statewide agreement between Waiver Providers and the Department of Public Welfare, as the State Medicaid Agency for the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities system.

Completed ODP Waiver Provider Agreements (Effective 3-5-20) Uploaded 03/23/21, 09:36

waiver capacity management

Statewide Vacancy Reports and Unanticipated Emergency Protocols, Tools, Forms and ODP Communications.

Unanticipated Emergency Screening Tool DP 1033

Unanticipated Emergency Funding Request and Approval Form DP 1025

Emergency Management Protocols Informational Packet #012-09

External ODP Emergency Management On-Call Protocol

Unanticipated Emergency Process-Protocol

DRAFT Unanticipated Emergency Screening Tool Attachment #3

DRAFT Unanticipated Emergency Funding Request and Approval Form Attachment #4