SCO Qualification Process

SCO Directory 4-3-24

sCO Initial Provider Qualification

SCO Initial Provider Qualification Application

SCO Initial Provider Qualification Application Instructions

PLEASE NOTE:  Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs) are NOT required to take ODP’s Provider Applicant Orientation.  

SCO Applicants should review the following information listed below before submitting an SCO application: 


Chapter 6100 Regulations:  MyODP: 6100 Regs Landing page 


Consolidated, Person/Family Directed Support (P/FDS), and Community Living Waivers:  Intellectual Disabilities Services ( 


Individual Support Plans (ISPs) Bulletin #00-15-01 


If you have any questions about the above materials you have reviewed, please send an e-mail to ODP SCO Qualification mailbox 


In regards to the Adult Autism Waiver, please reach out to 

SCO Triennial Qualification

SCO Triennial Qualification Application Effective 8/5/20

SCO Triennial Qualification Instructions Effective 8/5/20

ODP SCO Qualification Resources

ODP ID/A Supports Coordinator Qualification Clarification