Disability and the Justice System

People with autism, intellectual, and/or other developmental disabilities come in contact with the criminal justice system just as individuals without disabilities. However, when this population experiences this complex system, it can become more complicated to navigate. For example, professionals in the justice system field who represent, charge, or convict individuals with disabilities, they may not have the skills to identify and/or understand their symptoms, actions, and behaviors that coincide with their disability or diagnosis.  

This section is designed to provide information, trainings, and resources about the justice system and disability laws to help individuals with autism, intellectual, and/or other developmental disabilities, their families, supporters, and advocates. Additionally, these trainings and resources can be used to train and educate justice system professionals to learn how to support someone with autism.

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Identifying Risk and Mitigation Strategies

Understanding and Navigating the Juvenile and Adult Justice Systems

Training and Resources for Law Enforcement Officials, First Responders and Justice System Professionals

Data and Research

Miscellaneous Resources