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Technology Today :
Volume 8 – April 2024

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Virtual Roadshows

View recorded sessions from the Tech Roadshows; individuals, families, SCs, AEs, and providers have shared their personal stories and experiences with exploring how technology can support and improve everyday lives.

Incorporating Enabling Technology As A Natural Support

Presented on November 15, 2022

Technology to Support and Enhance Communication

Presented on December 13, 2022

Person-Centered Planning with Technology

Presented on January 18, 2023

Imagine, Discover, Explore, Try, and Get – A Pathway to Assistive Technology

Presented on February 16, 2023

Technology Corner

New Year New Tech

New Year New Tech

Written by: Members of the ODP Tech Taskforce Technology advances happen so quickly that it…

A man sitting at a laptop at a table engages online

My Tech For All Technology Training

PA Technology For All, a PADDC funded group who aims to bridge the digital divide…

Sensory-Friendly Holiday Tips

Sensory-Friendly Holiday Tips

Written by: Members of the ODP Tech Taskforce The holidays can be a wonderful time…

Charting the LifeCourse

Charting the LifeCourse

Written by: Members of the ODP Tech Taskforce “Charting the LifeCourse” is a comprehensive framework…

Photo of someone accessing an app on their phone

Technology For All Technology Training

Technology For All is offering free technology training to individuals with disabilities. Technology For All…

EDL Supportive Technology Presentations – 2022

Use of Remote Supports in Non-Residential Settings – 2022

Use of Remote Supports in Non-Residential Settings Webinar – February 16, 2022 (video)

Use of Remote Supports in Residential Settings – 2022

An overview of 2022 waiver amendments pertaining to assistive technology and the accompanying Residential Technology Evaluation Tool. 

Use of Remote Supports in Residential Settings Webinar – January 18, 2022 (video)

Office of Developmental Programs Residential Technology Evaluation Tool (pdf)

Use of Remote Supports in Residential Settings Webinar Slides (pdf)

ODPANN 21-090 Guidance for Use of Assistive Technology and Remote Supports in Residential Settings (pdf)

Technology Conference 2021

Technology Innovation – May 28, 2021

Keynote – Forever Changed: Technology Disruption and the Crisis of Those Left Behind (video)

ODP Director of the Bureau of Supports for People with Intellectual Disabilities Sheila Theodorou explains the importance of technology in supporting individuals with disabilities and offers insight into the future of ODP initiatives in tech.

Emily Shea Tanis, PhD, Co-Director of the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities at the University of Colorado, will highlight the risks and benefits of technology solutions for people with intellectual disabilities and their families, and the inevitable impact technology will have on future services and supports. The presentation will also demonstrate how people with disabilities and their families can drive the conversation about equitable access to technology, acquire technical skills, and apply technology solutions in daily routines.  

Technology in Robert’s Everyday Life (video)

Participant Directed Services participant Robert Zoytnia walks conference-goers through his use of technology in his everyday life.

Brandon’s Journey to Independence with Remote Supports (Youtube)

Supports Coordinator Guiding Questions for Developing Technology Options (pdf)

This session will feature the work in progress by the Technology Task Force Sub-Committee “Expanding Technology for Supported Living” chaired by Marian Tresky, Assistant Administrator, Allegheny County DHS/ODS.  Members of the committee will discuss the development and current draft of a guide designed to assist Supports Coordinators in opening up the discussion of technology with self-advocates and families to explore the array of possibilities that may assist people with access and options.

Initiating the Technology Conversation: A Guide for Supports Coordinators (video)

Technology Conference 2019 Materials

The Office of Development Programs held the 2019 Technology Innovation Conference on October 8th (Pittsburgh) and October 24th (King of Prussia). This conference demonstrated the latest innovations, inventions, and ideas to build a strong support foundation for individuals with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth.

Keynote – Searching for Prophets, Making Ohio a Technology First State (pdf)

Presented by John Martin, former Director of Ohio Dept. of Developmental Disabilities 
Recounting a journey that started slowly by experimenting with technology, and then, through the personal involvement of Gov. John Kasich, took a dramatic step forward. Ohio is seeing positive results of increased independence and significant cost savings as remove support services expand. 

Becoming a Technology First Provider (pdf)

Presented by Greg Wellems, Keystone Human Services
Technological solutions are critical in virtually every industry. When we look at the challenges facing providers there is an increasing understanding that technology will be a fundamental component of future services and supports. This session highlights the importance of incorporating technology in an organization’s strategic plan by including it in the person centered planning process. It will highlight the way one organization is approaching this process and share the lessons learned in moving from a company who was an early adopter of assistive technologies, to a large multi-state organization looking to provided technology-first services and supports.

Transportation and Sustainable Technology Solutions (pdf)

Presented by Shaleea Shields, Merakey
Endless technology solutions exist in today’s market. Careful examination of options for the ID population is imperative for sustainability.  It is also just as necessary to focus on empirical implementation practices as it is to select the right technology for a person or population.  This session will focus on specifically transportation technology and the design thinking necessary to integrate it into an operational setting.

Technology Greenhouse

CreateAbility, Inc – Presentation Handout Version (pdf)

Milestone HCQU West – Virtual Reality Infographic (pdf)