behavioral support

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best practice standards in behavioral support

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) recognizes that effective, quality behavioral support must be grounded in and informed by basic, broadly accepted knowledge and processes. We are excited to disseminate the Best Practice Standards in Behavioral Support to streamline expectations and practices for those individuals providing behavioral support in all ODP programs. These standards were developed by ODP’s Unified Clinical Team consisting of representation from both the Bureau of Community Supports and the Bureau of Supports for Autism and Special Populations. 

Best Practice Standards in Behavioral Support (PDF)

Best Practice Checklists

The following Best Practice Checklists were developed for specific roles related to behavioral supports. These checklists can be used to assist in understanding and evaluating best practices related to Behavioral Support Plans, Functional Behavioral Assessments, and the role of DSPs in behavioral assessment and treatment.

For Direct Support Professionals and Natural Supports:

A Supporter’s Role in Behavioral Assessment and Treatment (PDF)

For Behavioral Specialists and Behavioral Specialist Supervisors:

Functional Behavioral Assessment Best Practices Checklist (PDF)

Behavioral Support Plan Best Practices Checklist (PDF)

For Residential Providers:

This recorded session reviews the role of Residential Providers in implementing the Best Practice Standards in Behavioral Support.

S.E.A.T. Functions of Behavior Cheatsheet

The following resource by the Autism Services, Education, Resources and Training Collaborative (ASERT) describes the whys, whens and hows of different functions of behavior and how supporters can help support the individual with each.

S.E.A.T. Functions of Behavior Cheatsheet (PDF)