ODP 19-072: New SPeCTRUM 2.0 Training

To announce the availability of an updated version of the required SPeCTRUM training for AAW and ACAP providers and SCOs, and to outline the requirements and timeframes for providers and SCOs to meet the new training requirements Attachment ODP 19-072: New SPeCTRUM 2.0 Training

ODP 19-062: Revised Goals and Objectives Cheat Sheet for AAW & ACAP

To inform all AAW and ACAP providers, including SCs, of an updated Goals and Objectives Cheat sheet and training available on MyODP. For questions, please contact the Provider Support Mailbox at rabasprovidersupprt@pa.gov with “Goals and Objectives” in the subject line. Attachments ODP 19-062: Revised Goals and Objectives Cheat Sheet for AAW &

ODP 19-025: Now Available– Updated ID/Waiver Employment Service Definition Question and Answer Document and ID/A Waiver Employment Service Definition Quick Guide

These documents are intended to provide updated guidance related to the following Intellectual Disability/Autism (ID/A) Waiver employment services: • Advanced Supported Employment • Supported Employment • Small Group Employment • Community Participation Support – The Prevocational Component • Benefits Counseling [Included in the Quick Guide] Attachment ODP 19-025: Now Available-- Updated ID/Waiver

ODP 19-036: Process To Implement Participant Direction Transfers From the Adult Autism Waiver to an ID/A Waiver

This communication provides an overview about the process to implement reserved capacity for participant direction transfers in the Consolidated, Community Living and Person/Family Directed Support (P/FDS) waivers (hereafter referred to as the Intellectual Disability/Autism waivers [ID/A waivers]). Each waiver reserves 5 spaces each year (a total of 15 per year) for participants

ODP 19-29: Quality Investigation Unit at Temple University

ODP is pleased to announce that the Certified Investigator Training Program vendor, Temple University of Harrisburg (TUH), has established a Quality Investigations Unit. This unit will be conducting Certified Investigator Peer Reviews (CIPRs) of investigations completed by Department-certified Investigators. Attachment ODP 19-29: Quality Investigation Unit at Temple University

ODPANN 19-012 UPDATE: New Documentation Requirements for Individual Support Plans (ISPs) Within the Consolidated Waiver

To announce new documentation requirements within the Individual Support Plan (ISP).These requirements are part of the implementation of a settlement agreement, whichpertains to services received by individuals through the Consolidated Waiver. UPDATE:To clarify guidance on Page 5 regarding “Frequency and Duration of the actionsneeded.” The total number of units will NOT be

ODP 19-007: Improving the Quality of Residential Services Report Available

ODP is pleased to release the following report: “Improving the Quality of Residential Services.” For an overview and explanation, ODP encourages you to read and share the attached announcement with stakeholders, as it provides a brief overview of the report’s contents. The referenced report marks evidence of ODP’s continued commitment toward improved