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QA&I Annual Statewide Report 21-22: Interim Year 2

QA&I Annual Statewide Report 20-21: Interim Year 1

QA&I Annual Statewide Report 19-20: Cycle 1 – 3 Year Report

QA&I Annual Statewide Report 18-19

QA&I Statewide Self-Assessment Report 18-19

QA&I Annual Statewide Report 17-18

QA&I Statewide Self-Assessment Report 17-18

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Quality Assessment and Improvement Annual Comprehensive Statewide Report Cycle 1 Year 2 Webinar

This webinar will provide a high-level overview of the QA&I C1Y2 Annual Comprehensive Statewide Report. This report provides a summary and evaluation of the results of QA&I C1Y2 full reviews as well as provides a comparison of QA&I C1Y1 and C1Y2 data. There will be an opportunity to ask questions of ODP during this webinar so it is highly recommended that participants review the report prior to the webinar.

Session recorded February 28, 2020

Session Recording

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QA&I Annual Statewide Report 18-19