Independent Monitoring for Quality and National Core Indicators

About Independent Monitoring For Quality (IM4Q)

ODP partners with Temple University’s Institute on Disabilities and Local programs to administer the IM4Q program annually. IM4Q monitors the satisfaction and quality of life of individuals receiving services in Pennsylvania’s (PA’s) developmental disability system, through interviews. IM4Q teams conduct face-to-face or virtual interviews with individuals receiving services, and telephone interviews with families, friends, and guardians. Data gathered from the IM4Q interviews is organized into the areas of individual satisfaction, dignity, respect and rights, choice and control, relationships, inclusion, and monitor impressions of competence, personal growth, and opportunities. This data is anonymously aggregated and publicly shared in annual reports. 

The IM4Q process also allows us to improve individual’s lives in a direct way, through considerations. Considerations are things that the individual wants to improve in their life and/or things the IM4Q survey team thinks may improve the individual’s life. If the individual agrees, considerations are shared with the Administrative Entity (AE) and Supports Coordinator for appropriate follow-up.  Considerations are entered into the Home and Community Services Information System (HCSIS) and can result in service and support changes in the person’s Individual Support Plan (ISP). More information about IM4Q is available on the PA Department of Human Services site and on the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University site.

IM4Q Resources

What is IM4Q? Social Story (for individuals; available in multiple languages)

Completing an IM4Q In-Person Interview (for individuals; available in multiple languages)

IM4Q Team Member Resources

IM4Q Reports

IM4Q data is anonymously aggregated and publicly shared in annual statewide reports accompanied by 2 user-friendly reports. (An additional Covid 19 supplemental report was shared during the pandemic.) ODP uses this information for ongoing quality improvement activities and encourages all system stakeholders to do the same.

IM4Q Statewide Report 2021-2022 Final – PDF

IM4Q Statewide Report 2020-2021 Final – PDF

IM4Q Covid 19 Supplement Report 2020-2021 – PDF

Making a Difference in the Lives of People Supported by ODP – PDF

2019-2020 IM4Q Statewide Report – PDF

2018-2019 IM4Q Statewide Report – PDF

About National Core Indicators (NCI)

Pennsylvania is a member state of NCI, which is a collaborative effort between the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS) and the Human Services Research Institute (HSRI). The purpose of the program, which began in 1997, is to support member states to gather a standard set of performance and outcome measures that can be used to track their own performance over time, to compare results across states, and to establish national benchmarks.

NCI Reports

PA NCI Reports

National NCI Report