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Provides information to explain and review Participant Directed (Self-Directed) Services.  The PA Guide to Participant Directed Supports in addition to forms, tools and other relevant bulletins and ODP Communications are available.

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participant directed services/financial management services for All stakeholders

Pennsylvania’s Guide to PDS, Calculator Tools, Wages and Benefits, Forms, Bulletins and ODP Communications related to Vendor Fiscal and Agency with Choice Financial Management Services.

The following Participant Directed Services (PDS) Financial Management Services (FMS) information is available for all stakeholders to use when explaining and reviewing PDS/FMS options.

ODP Announcement 20-078: Agency with Choice (AWC) Wage Ranges and Benefit Allowance for Specific Participant Directed Services Effective July 1, 2020

ODP Announcement 20-077: Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent (VF/EA) Wage Ranges and Benefit Allowance for Specific Participant Directed Services

ODP Announcement 20-079: Agency with Choice (AWC) Financial Management Services (FMS) Organization Listing

PALCO is the current Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent organization for ODP . You can obtain information regarding the enrollment process and locate the form at:

Vendor Fiscal Employer Agent Calculation Tool for Participant Directed Services

Quality Assessment & Improvement (QA&I) Resources for AWC/FMS Providers

In case of questions, issues or concerns related to the questions asked in a tool or the QA&I Process, please contact the ODP QA&I Process mailbox at

QA&I FY2021 Year 1 Annual Report

ODP Quality Assessment and Improvement FY 21-22 Interim Year 2 Review Process 8-25-21

QA&I FY 21-22 Interim Year 2 Review List

QA&I CAP Form – Blank

QA&I FY 21-22 Interim Year 2 Self-Assessment List 9-01-21File

ODP Announcement 21-052: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Quality Assessment and Improvement (QAI) Interim Year 2 Review Process

QA&I Interim Year 2 Individual Interview Letter 7-20-21

July 2021 – QA&I Interim Year 2 Review Process Webinar

July 2021 – QA&I Interim Year 2 Review Process Webinar

QA&I Interim Year 2 July Webinar Slides

QA & I Interim Review Year 2 FAQs 9-21-21

QAI Contact List

Effective immediately, any changes to the primary and/or secondary contacts should be submitted by using the following link: ODP Quality Assessment & Improvement Contact Information Form.  Changes can be submitted throughout the year and ODP will post an updated version of the QA&I Contact List spreadsheet at least every 2 weeks during the months of June-August.  As a reminder, it is the responsibility of the entity to ensure that this information remains up to date. 

Individual Interviews

For ID/A and AAW Providers

PA’s Guide to Participant-Directed Services

Available Participant-Directed Services (PDS)

Available Supports Broker Services

Relevant Policy Bulletins

The list of relevant policy bulletins as well as the actual policy bulletins themselves is posted together on the site for all to access in the same manner as the forms.

Bulletin 00-08-14: Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent Financial Management Services

Bulletin 6000-04-01: Incident Management

Bulletin 00-20-04 Participant Directed Services Agency With Choice Financial Management Services Model

Attachment 1 – AWC Employer Responsibilities

Attachment 2 – Managing Employer Skills Training Topics

Attachment 3 – Model Managing Employer Agreement Form

Available PDS Resources

Service Delivery Comparison