Prospective AAW Provider Information and Resources

This section provides information for professionals interested in enrolling to provide services to participants in the Adult Autism Waiver (AAW).

Applying To Become An AAW Provider

The first step in the Provider Qualification process is completion of the ODP Provider Applicant Orientation.

Please review the following materials prior to applying for enrollment as a provider for the Adult Autism Waiver (AAW).

Download AAW Provider Application Checklist
AAW Provider Application Checklist

This checklist is a required tool to ensure that enrolling BSASP providers have collected all required documentation prior to submitting an electronic application. The checklist needs to be submitted with initial qualification documents to BSASP at

AAW Provider Qualifications (PDF)

This document outlines the requirements for providers enrolling in the Adult Autism Waiver, including qualifications and required trainings. Updated: 10/2020

AAW Provider Information Table (PDF)

This document details the most up-to-date service descriptions, rates, limitations, qualifications, Provider Types/Specialty Codes, and Procedure Codes for each of the services offered under the AAW. (updated 2/1/2024)

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