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Everyday Lives Publications

Everyday Lives: Values in Action: 30th Anniversary Edition (PDF)

Everyday Lives: Values in Action: Spanish Edition (PDF)

The foundation of Everyday Lives: Values In Action is two statements: 

1. We value what is important to people with disabilities and their families, who are striving for an everyday life.

2. People with disabilities have a right to an everyday life; a life that is no different than that of all other citizens.

Everyday Lives: Values in Action will be a guide to the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)  as it develops policy and designs programs. Providers of services will use these recommendations  to support individuals and their families to achieve everyday lives.

Recommendations, Strategies, and Performance Measures

The ISAC (Information Sharing and Advisory Committee)  has created a detailed series of recommendations, strategies, and performance measures to guide the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) and gauge its progress in achieving the important goals put forth in Everyday Lives. These strategies and recommendations developed by the ISAC are intended to serve as a guide for everyone engaged in developing, providing, and advocating for services in the ODP system: administrative entities, providers, support coordination agencies, advocacy organizations, local quality councils, and all entities involved on the ISAC.

Quality Management Framework (PDF)

ODP uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle for quality improvement to plan and implement our strategies, measure performance using multiple data sources, embed successful practices, and continuously work to achieve the Everyday Lives outcomes identified in each ISAC Recommendation.

ODP’s Annual Data Reports

2022-23 Data Report (PDF)

2021-22 Data Report (PDF)

2020-21 Data Report (PDF)

2019-20 Data Report (PDF)

2018-19 Data Report (PDF)

ODP has created this statistical report so that individuals, families, advocates, providers, government officials, and taxpayers can see and measure how many individuals ODP serves, what services are provided, where the individuals live, and what the costs are.

ODP’s Waiting List Reports

2022 Annual Waiting List Report (PDF)

2021 Annual Waiting List Report (PDF)

The waiting list is comprised of individuals who are eligible to receive services and supports through ODP’s four home and community-based services (HCBS) waivers, however, due to insufficient waiver capacity, the state cannot currently meet their needs. In this report, you’ll find information regarding ODP’s strategies and initiatives to address the problem. The report also demonstrates the progress that has been made since 2015 to reduce the number of individuals on the waiting list.

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