Specialized Skill Development Enrollment Instructions

This document will guide the provider through the qualifications and enrollment process for Specialized Skill Development, which consists of three components: Behavioral Specialist Services, Systematic Skill Building and Community Support. AAW providers must be qualified for all three components; these three components cannot be enrolled individually.

AAW Provider Information Table

This document details the most up-to-date service descriptions, rates, limitations, qualifications, Provider Types/Specialty Codes, and Procedure Codes for each of the services offered under the AAW. (updated 2/1/2024)

AAW Provider Qualifications

This document outlines the requirements for providers enrolling in the Adult Autism Waiver, including qualifications and required trainings. Updated: 10/2020

AAW Provider Application Checklist

This checklist is an optional tool to ensure that enrolling BSASP providers have collected all required documentation prior to submitting an electronic application via the Medical Assistance (MA) Program On-line Provider Enrollment Application. The checklist does not need to be submitted to BSASP or uploaded during enrollment