These videos and resources depict the experience of Shawna. Shawna has been living in her group home for three years. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large part of her socialization included going back to her parent’s home for a weekend a month and visiting with her family and friends in her hometown. Due to all of the COVID-19 restrictions in place, she has not been able to make this trip for several months. Her staff reports a significant change in both her social skills as well as her mental health. Using Charting the Lifecourse tools and transition guides, Shawna’s team feels it is important to assist her to develop a transition plan to engage with her family and friends while ensuring the health and safety of her, her family, and friends as well as the staff and individuals in her group home.  

Living in a Group Home Videos

Residential Scenario Part 1 
Residential Scenario Part 2

Living in a Group Home Resources