Innovation Areas

The PA CoP for Supporting Families leads workgroups in four areas of innovation. All are invited to join workgroups which provide another opportunity for people to learn and connect across our state.

The visions for each area were developed during a summit of Regional Collaboratives. Having a vision helps you get where you want to go! Contact the lead of any area that you are interested in joining for information about the next call.



Kelly Barley

Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)

The vision for this innovation area is for people to have opportunities to obtain and maintain competitive-integrated employment that brings them meaning, joy, and a feeling of inclusion. In order to accomplish this vision, we focus on several interrelated factors, including encouraging families to have strong visions and high expectations of their children, ensuring that people have reliable access to transportation, and fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion in our group members, as it is through working together and considering multiple perspectives that we can truly achieve our vision.

Resources developed by this group include:

Readable electronic transportation guides in English and Spanish

Printable transportation resource guide in English and Spanish

Front Door


Candida Walton

Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)

The Vision for this Innovation Area is for individuals and families to have a helpful process when they first connect with the service system.  To accomplish this, people working in the service system can use the LifeCourse framework to enhance their ability to listen, lead conversations, and organize information as well as to provide information to the individuals and families and to the next service system contacts.   

Supports Coordination


Nancy Hampson

Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)

The Vision for this Innovation Area is to enhance SCs knowledge and to empower them as advocates.  The two focus points are making conversations with individuals and families more person-centered and bridging the gap between school and adult life, both which can be accomplished with the use of the LifeCourse principles.  Other areas of focus are utilizing existing platforms to share information with SCOs, streamline information dissemination, share system resources and provide online learning opportunities. 

Resources developed by this group include:

“A Supports Coordinator’s Focus on Employment using Charting the LifeCourse”  4-part training series can be accessed here:  Course: Charting the LifeCourse, Topic: A Supports Coordinator’s Focus on Employment using Charting the LifeCourse (

Family and Self-Advocate Engagement

Francine Hogan
Director, PA Family Network 

Diana Morris Smaglik

Manager, PA Family Network

Chris Moore

The Family and Self-Advocate Engagement Innovation Area’s Vision is to ensure that all families – and those thought of as family – have opportunities for engagement which promote high expectations and create collaboration among team members, agencies, systems, supports coordination, and community members. Innovative and insightful ways of enhancing knowledge, communicating resources, and offering support lead to engagement and to an Everyday Life.

Resources developed by this group include:

Collaboratives and Family Engagement which is a one page tip sheet for Regional Collaboratives on the topic of engaging families and self advocates in local efforts to support families.

Supports Coordinator’s Guide to Engaging People with Disabilities and their Families in County Collaboratives which is a one page tip sheet to help Supports Coordinators have conversations with people about joining their local Regional Collaborative.