Schuylkill County – Supporting Everyday Lives in Schuylkill County

Contact Information

Erin Hoover,

Website/Social Media Links

Facebook Page – Supporting Everyday Lives in Schuylkill County

Communication and Meetings Structure

Currently we are meeting every 4th Tuesday of each month virtually.

Goals, next steps or actions plans

The Schuylkill County Collaborative continues to work towards engaging the community to identify wants and needs for those with disabilities as well as provide learning opportunities for those who are not familiar with services available in Schuylkill County.

AE/SCO/Provider/DHS/Broad Community Partners Represented within Collaborative:

AE, SCO, Child Development, Schuylkill Co. MH/DS, Chancelight, Schuylkill Co. IU 29, PA Link, Geisinger HCQU, Residential Providers, Systems of Care