Warren County – Northwest Collaborative

Contact Information

Stacie Lehnen, lehnens@wc-hs.org

Tammi Shippee, shippeet@wc-hs.org

Goals, next steps or actions plans

Handing out the “Focus on Transition” section to the youths nearing or who have reached transition age at their IEP meetings. I usually attend these meetings for kids NOT opened with us yet. The next IEP I’m attending will be 10/2/19.  I will start handing out the appropriate “Life Stage 4-pagers” at the time of Intake, moving forward. At this time I don’t have an exact date of my next Intake.

AE/SCO/Provider/DHS/Broad Community Partners Represented within Collaborative:

Kevin Stronz, Warren Co. Human Servies – SCO