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Susan Proulx, Deputy Administrator,

Eileen MacDonald, Advocacy,

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Communication and Meetings Structure

We have held several sessions this year but what are our next steps. We discussed that the collaborative would not be receiving any type of grant monies to continue with the activities. The families from this year focused on self -directed families. Should we explore other families at this point.  We also discussed the individual needs of the families and the goal of the sessions. We determined that both needs could be met. Eileen discussed the joint vision of Sue//Eileen for the group.  We decided that the larger group would focus on: * Re-engaging families. Where are families now in their planning. * Introducing the life course work to families/explain how it can assist the family in planning for their love ones. * Familiarize families with some of the Life Course tools: the star and the trajectory. * Connect families the PA family network. (see the form Eileen created for the family to complete and submit to PA Family Network) Will share with families after the session 8/10, Sept. & Oct. sessions     Family Objectives * Network with other families * To engage families in order to share information about the Life Course/ tools/how it can assist them in planning   * Referral to the PA Family Network * Begin the planning process     Action Steps * Hold next session with the existing families 8/10. Develop and share the referral form to the PA Family Network for their individual meetings. This session went over. Great conversations with the group. Next session will be on the 24th @ 6:30. Review the form that was shared by Stacy. * Schedule 2 large sessions with interested families in learning about the Life Course. * Sept. 7th & 28th family sessions. We will use the same template as the previous session. (zoom @ 6:30pm) *** We need create a flyer and send out and track the responses*****  * Completion of the information sessions to the 2nd cohort * F/up with families to see where they are in moving forward with connecting with a PA Advisor.

Goals, next steps or actions plans

1. Family Engagement/Survey of Family Training Needs – We have developed a survey and cover letter that we plan to send out to families in the participant driven services program to see what information they need.  We will then plan and execute a series of remote workshops.

2. Intake – We have been sharing LifeCourse information with families at intake (the LifeCourse Portfolio and Life Trajectory Worksheet), and the STAR is used with youth with Autism, ages 21 to 24.  The STAR was used with one youth this fall.  We need to expand the age range for the use of the STAR. Infant Toddler Early Intervention is seeing Pre-Pandemic Intake Numbers, processing over 500 monthly referrals.

3. SCO Use of LifeCourse –We need to get a more accurate assessment on how the SCOs may be using the LifeCourse tools.  There may be circumstances of use of the LifeCourse Tools that we are not aware of.  We will add collection of this data to the agenda at our next Delco SCO Meeting in January. 

4. Website – We need to update our website on a more regular basis to make it more relevant. 

5. Attended lifesharing conference, hosted a resource table, we included our lived personal staff. ( Chaz)  Continue to put together a monthly calendar of events for people to attend in Philadelphia county . We participate in Faith Base conferences in April. For Brighter Futures we applied for 20 family members to attend via scholarship.  ID intake is seeing an increase in referrals.

AE/SCO/Provider/DHS/Broad Community Partners Represented within Collaborative:

Elwyn, PersonLink, PCHC, Philadelphia Autism Project, IDA, Special Olympics, Partnership for Community Supports, PPSG, Temple Institute on disAbility, Vision for Equality, PA Family Network, PICC, ODP.   We are continuing to grow our collaborative and focusing on more family members, individuals and community members.