Armstrong County – Butler / Armstrong / Indiana / Beaver / Lawrence Collaborative

Contact Information

Shari Montgomery,

Website/Social Media Links

Armstrong Indiana BDHP Webpage

Communication and Meetings Structure

Items to be communicated are done via periodic newsletters, email distribution lists and SC communication with families.  Next calendar year we would like to begin utilizing the AIBDHP website for information dissemination. Meetings have not occurred during the Covid, but we have sent out newsletters.

Goals, next steps or actions plans

We are working on a job description for a Family Liaison Position to help with our Collaborative.  This person would start-up or Self Advocate Community Connection group, Parent support groups, information sharing databases, newsletters, redesign our Collaborative structure. Our local Employment Coalition is working on Employer meetings for next spring.  We continue to embed COP concepts and tools into our day to day operations, i.e. intake and registration, wait list management, initiative planning, etc.

AE/SCO/Provider/DHS/Broad Community Partners Represented within Collaborative:

We will be revisiting the composition of our collaborative next calendar year.