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Technology Task Force Newsletter: Technology Today Volume 7

ODP's Technology Taskforce has published its Technology Today: Volume 7 January 2024 Newsletter. The purpose of the newsletter is to seek out methods of supporting individuals with disabilities, family members, and providers with resources, events, and other important updates in the assistive technology world. This includes compilations of resources that support individuals

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New Episode of A Supporter’s Toolbox

A new episode of the ODP Podcast, A Supporter's Toolbox, is now available to listen to on MyODP. A Supporter's Toolbox is an audio series on a dedicated topic with a targeted audience in mind. Each podcast has a duration of 7-10 minutes and focuses on getting tools to Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)

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MyODP Podcast – Thinking of Others

Working on prosocial behaviors like helping, sharing, comforting, and cooperating, have so many benefits. We will talk about ways you can help someone hone their prosocial behaviors – simple things that you may already be doing to teach someone to do their laundry or cook a meal. Please note that some early

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MyODP Podcast – Got Skills?

If we don’t have the skills to engage in places we live, work, or play, we won’t want to show up because we don’t feel successful or we try our hardest to show up in the best way we know how despite not having the skills or tools. We will talk about

A Supporter's Toolbox

Who You Know: Finding Purpose in Employment

For many, our jobs give us meaning and purpose. We often focus on building skills to ensure people are ready to work. As supporters, by shifting our focus to building social capital, we create a stronger gateway to employment. https://palms-awss3-repository.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/Communications/ODP/Podcasts/Podcast+28.mp3

A Supporter's Toolbox

We need to let go of the concept of being perfect and embrace that we are all a work in progress. We will talk about how supporters can set the stage to ensure that people have a growth mindset to meet their fullest potential.