6100 Communications Page

Communication 20-001: 
Modified Medication Administration Training Course Now Available (PDF)

Communication 19-156:
New ODP Regulation Update: Revised Effective Dates for Incident Management, Medication Administration Training, and Annual Training (PDF)

Communication 19-138:
Approved Program Capacity (APS) and updated Noncontiguous Clearance Form (PDF)

Communication 19-129:
Publication of New Chapter 6100 Regulations and Revisions of Licensing Chapters (PDF)

Communication 19-127:
Investigations by an ODP-Certified Investigator Required by Chapter 6100: ODP’s Expectations and Implementation Strategy (PDF)

Communication 19-084:
Delay for Requirements Regarding the Number of Individuals Served in Licensed Facilities that Provide Community Participation Support or Day Habilitation Services (PDF)

Communication 19-018:
Chapter 6100 Quality Management Planning Requirements for Adult Autism Waiver Supports Coordination Organizations and Providers (PDF)

Bulletin 00-18-04 published 7/25/2018:
Interim Technical Guidance for Claim and Service Documentation (PDF)

Bulletin 00-18-01 published 4/13/18:
Guidelines Concerning Sexual Health, Personal Relationships, and Sexuality (PDF)

Bulletin 00-17-01 published 6/20/17:Quality Management Strategy of the Office of Developmental Programs (PDF)

Bulletin 00-14-04 published on 04/08/2014:
Accessibility of Intellectual Disability Services for Individuals Who Are Deaf (PDF)

Bulletin 00-14-04 Attachment A:
Communication Assistance Definitions (PDF)