New Year New Tech

Written by: Members of the ODP Tech Taskforce

Technology advances happen so quickly that it can be hard to keep up with the newest trends and devices. To celebrate the beginning of a new year, we’re highlighting some of the newer devices and technologies available to help people live their best lives.

Please note that some of these technologies may still be in early stages of development. The specific devices listed below are examples and not a complete list of the companies that may offer similar products. As with any technology, it’s important to research and find options that are best for each individual.

Orbiter Smart Cushion: This device is a specialized seat cushion for wheelchairs that is equipped with sensors to address factors that can lead to pressure sores. By intelligently redistributing weight and providing relief from pressure, it reduces the chances of developing pressure related injuries. Users are also able to adjust the comfort and stability settings through a mobile application available for both iOS and Android devices. To learn more visit: Kalogon | The Future of Smart Seating

GlassOuse: For people with mobility impairments, this hands free mouse allows users to navigate computers, tablets, or smartphones using head movements and facial gestures. The device is a lightweight frame worn like glasses that track a users head movements and connects to devices via Bluetooth or USB. To learn more visit: New GlassOuse PRO: Customizable Wireless Assistive Mouse

Ara Assistive Technology Device by Strap Technologies: This device acts as a wearable cane and is a harness worn across the chest that contains an array of sensors that collects real time data from the environment. That data is then translated into haptic feedback with specific vibration patterns assigned to different situations. The technology adapts to the users walking page and has been show to have an 80% reduction in the likelihood of accidents caused by unnoticed objects. To learn more visit: Home (

Xander Glasses: These glasses are intelligent eyewear that uses the latest AI speech recognition software to provide captions for real-life conversations. Speech is transcribed and projected onto the lenses, allowing users to engage in discussions while maintaining eye contact with speakers. To learn more visit: Xander

AngelSense Watch: This watch has GPS tracking to assist those with independent living challenges. It allows carers to talk to the person at any time and also has an SOS call button the person can use if they need to reach their carer. The watch also allows for tracking whereabouts, customized safe zones, automatic geofencing, and a daily timeline with detailed location history. To learn more visit:  AngelSense Watch