viewed through a window, a man in a face mask speaks to a woman

Project Echo at Penn State College of Medicine Presents: Project Reassure – Fostering Resilience for Adult Neurodiverse Communities

The eight-session Project Reassure ECHO series will launch on January 12, 2024 from 7:45-9 a.m.

This series will provide participants with strategies in supporting adult neurodiverse individuals struggling with anxiety related to the COVID-19 pandemic and building resilience. The curriculum will cover the basics of recognizing trauma, stress, and anxiety, fostering resilience building skills, crisis prevention, dealing with uncertainty, and changes in the adult neurodiverse brain. Professionals serving adult neurodiverse individuals including immediate direct clinical supervisors of direct support professionals, group home managers, behavior specialists and program coordinators are encouraged to register and actively participate.

This training hour-eligible series for professionals serving adult neurodiverse individuals is free to register.

Additional details and registration information can be found in the attached flyer.