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Communication Corner – July is Disability Pride Month

Each year we celebrate July as Disability Pride Month.  It’s a time to celebrate and advocate for a more inclusive world! What can YOU do to make a difference for someone with communication needs?

  • Support access always!
    • Ensure a person’s communication device is always available.
    • Have interpreters available.
    • If you notice someone does not have their preferred means of communication, ask that it be provided.
  • Ensure communication devices have advocacy words on them.
    • Support the person in learning the advocacy words and what they mean so they are confident using them.
    • If the person is comfortable with it, learn how to use their device, too.
  • Provide multimodal communication.
    • Find new and different ways for communication access.
    • Add supports, rather than replacing or relying on one method.
  • Don’t assume; ask what works best for them! Ensure you are putting things in place that the person wants to support communication in every environment.
  • Be flexible.
  • Wait patiently; sometimes it takes time for communication.

When we work together to meet everyone’s communication needs, we create a world where we can all live a full and meaningful life.