A close up on ethernet cables plugged into an internet router

Affordable Connectivity ProgramĀ 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has launched a new landing page at GetInternet.gov for its Affordable Connectivity Program. AffordableConnectivity.gov will still exist as a resource for consumers and digital navigators with more detailed information about the program. The FCC is continuing its efforts to promote the program by providing grants to community partners, supporting navigators who help eligible consumers enroll, and developing media strategies to increase public awareness. GetInternet.gov was chosen as the URL for consumer information and advertising due to its simplicity and memorability, and to link consumers directly to the application. The information previously available at GetInternet.gov can still be accessed through whitehouse.gov/getinternet.

For questions regarding this update to the Affordable Connectivity Program, please contact Jamile Kadre at Jamile.Kadre@fcc.gov.

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