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ODP 2023 Supporting Families Survey

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) wants your feedback! The anonymous Supporting Families Survey seeks input from individuals who receive support from a Supports Coordinator (SC also known as a case manager or case worker), and family members of people who receive support through an SC. The survey helps ODP learn whether people and their families have the information and support they need. Your answers will help to improve services from ODP and local partners.

Can I have help taking the survey?


  • You can ask someone to help you.
  • You can also email ra-pwodp_outreach@pa.gov to request help. Give your name and a phone number to reach you and someone will call you to read you the questions and enter your responses.

The survey takes approximately ten (10) minutes to complete and answers are entirely anonymous.

Click here to fill out the survey in English or in Spanish.