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Communication Corner – April is Autism Acceptance Month!

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is now the fastest growing developmental disorder impacting 1 in 36 people.  Additionally, 40% of those with ASD have limited speech or do not communicate through speech. Communication is how we connect and build relationships as well as meet our own needs.  Communication, however, it is done, is the key to human interaction.

Below are some tips on how to support and encourage communication…

  • Pay attention to body language and changes in behavior, those subtle changes may be “saying” a lot.
  • Narrate activities with the person, notice the person’s vocalizations, movements, eye gaze, etc.  and clarify what they may be sharing with you in those moments.
  • Praise all communication attempts. 
  • Be aware of your environment. A noisy, crowded room may make communication difficult.
  • Be flexible!  Sometimes people need multiple modes of communication depending on the environment and situation.