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Integrated Transportation Resource Guide

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has released its newly developed Integrated Transportation Guide as a resource to assist individuals in developing reliable transportation routes. Transportation continues to be a barrier to people finding and maintaining competitive-integrated employment. In response, ODP’s Employment Innovation Area Work Group developed the guide, which utilizes the five points of the Charting the LifeCourse Supports Star. “We are hoping that this guide gives readers a comprehensive view of the myriad of transportation resources available to them,” says ODP LifeCourse Ambassador Kelly Barley.

The guide was based on an existing “Transportation Star” developed by Allegheny County. The guide is also available in Spanish in both printable and digital formats. “We hope that this guide will give people and their families more of an idea of what is available regarding transportation, and inspire them to try some of these resources. We also hope that this statewide guide inspires local employment coalitions to create more local-level guides that can accompany this statewide guide,” says Barley.

The Integrated Transportation Resource Guide documents

Download the printable version in English.

Download the digital version in English.

Download the printable version in Spanish.

Download the digital version in Spanish.