PA Family Network

PA Family Network Emergency Preparedness Workshop Series

PA Family Network invites you to join its workshop series on Emergency Preparedness. This series is for families and self-advocates alike. The series wraps in March with in-person summits. For more information and to register for your local summit follow this link:

Summits – Important Information

  • FREE to-go Emergency bag, $100 value, for eligible waiver participants
  • Every attendee will be entered to win doorprizes
  • Breakfast and Lunch provided for FREE
  • If you’re a family member/self advocate and are driving/taking public transportation, a travel stipend will be available at the event. Limitations Apply, one per household.

Emergency Preparedness Workshops

  • Creating a One-page Profile- January 24th
  • Planning for Community Safety- January 31st
  • Trauma and Uncertainty- February 13th
  • Communication in an Emergency- February 22nd

Each workshop has both an afternoon and evening workshop. For more information and to register today follow this link:

As part of the workshop series, PA Family Network is introducing an exciting chance to LEVEL UP your knowledge with each workshop you attend!

  • Beginner-Attend One
  • Novice-Attend Two
  • Rising Star-Attend Three
  • Expert-Attend Four
  • Master-Attend Five
  • Genius-Attend all workshops and the summit!

Genius Level gets special perks at the Summit!