The C2P2 class of 2022 posing as a group in front of a sign that reads "Educate. Empower. Lead."

Competence and Confidence: Partners in Policymaking (C2P2) Goes Hybrid for 2023

The 2023 Competence and Confidence: Partners in Policymaking (C2P2) class will start sessions this January, 2023. The courses will be held in a hybrid format for the first time. C2P2 is a nine month course offered through the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University that brings individuals with disabilities and family members of those with disabilities together to learn how to promote effective change in local and federal policy.

For the first time, the course will be offered in a hybrid format. The program will ease back into in-person meetings for the first time since winter of 2020. While the C2P2 class of 2022 was held entirely virtually, the group was able to hold their first in-person gathering for the graduation ceremony this past September.

The monthly two-to-three-day sessions will now alternate between in-person meetings at the Harrisburg campus of Temple University and remote online learning sessions. “We are excited to offer a hybrid approach in response to requests received from family members and self-advocates,” says Jamie Ray-Leonetti, Associate Director of Policy at the Institute on Disabilities.

Participants Will Learn

  • About local, state and national issues affecting people with disabilities;
  • To foster a partnership between people who need supports and services and those who make policy and law;
  • To advocate for themselves and others;
  • To teach policymakers a new way of thinking about people with disabilities.

While the 2023 C2P2 application period is now closed, the program is free to selected applicants. The 2023 class will be announced the week of December 12, 2022.

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