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Communication Corner – Communication Tips during Holiday Gatherings

  • Don’t expect perfection, the holidays can be triggering, hard, and overstimulating for some
  • Double check for understanding
  • Be patient – allow extra time for processing
  • Allow frequent breaks in a quiet space – group settings can be exhausting
  • Be aware of everyone’s sensory needs
  • If the person uses a device or aided communication, make sure they always have access to it
  • In large gatherings, use the person’s name to get their attention
  • Keep best communication partners nearby
  • Model good communication
  • Always remember, behavior is communication
  • During meals, ensure the person is seated where they have the most access everyone’s face and have as little noise behind them if possible
  • Keep background music low or avoid it all together – conversations may be more difficult
  • Take a breath – remember, its not about making it perfect, its about making memories  

Enjoy each other and have a wonderful holiday season!