Tech Owl Technology For Our Lives Institure on Disabilities at Temple University

Getting to Know TechOWL

Did you know that every state has a program to help people with disabilities to explore, find, and get the tools and technology they need? In Pennsylvania that program is TechOWL, part of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University.

TechOWL has 9 regional centers across the state and helps people discover, try and learn about tools and technology. Some of the different projects and programs they offer include:

– A statewide technology Lending Library that allows people to borrow items and devices so they can “try before you buy”.

– Answering questions and providing information to Pennsylvanians about Assistive Technology including demonstrations to help people find the best technology to fit their needs.

Training and events ranging from in-person trainings to recordings and information available for free on their website.

Reused Equipment program that accepts donations and helps find new homes for lightly used equipment.

Free Special Phones for people who have trouble hearing, talking, seeing, thinking or moving.

iCanConnect that helps provide communication access for people with both vision and hearing loss.

Additionally, TechOWL has several different ways to help you pay for the assistive technology solution you need. Staff at TechOWL can help you learn about what programs are available to help with funding and explore possible solutions such as health insurance, public programs, reuse programs, cash loan programs, and non-governmental funding sources.

To find out more about all of the wonderful services TechOWL can provide or for the nearest regional Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) visit the TechOwl website!