Patricia smiles at the camera displaying an app on her phone which lets her turn off and on lights


Patricia is all about tech. “I like a lot of technology,” she says. Patricia works several days a week at the local children’s hospital. Tech makes managing her day and her apartment a whole lot easier. Patricia lets her Roomba do the vacuuming. “All I have to do is push the button,” she explains. A simple grabber tool helps Patricia get things out of reach. When she wants to hear her music, she just asks Alexa to play it on her Echo Dot. Even Lucky, her cat, benefits from tech with an automated feeder.

Deidre, Patricia’s supported living program manager, noticed other things that could be helped with tech and sought the help of an enabling tech specialist. Accessing light switches was a challenge for Patricia. Smart switch plates and a companion phone app solved the problem. “I like that I can use my phone to turn off and on lights, especially when I’m in my bed,” Patricia shares. After a fall incident, Patricia needed a reliable solution to contact help easily when needed. A personal emergency response system (PERS) was placed in her apartment so that she could access help 24/7. Patricia is pleased. “My watch and PERS make me feel safer.” Deidre adds that the PERS “gives me a sense of comfort, that’s for sure.”  Deidre encourages fellow staff to “ask questions if you are unsure about technology.”