signed provider agreements

completed ODP waiver provider agreements

To aid AEs in verifying that Waiver Providers have a signed Provider Agreement on file with ODP, a tracking sheet has been developed and can be accessed by using the link below. Only Waiver Providers who have signed a Provider Agreement that has been received and processed by ODP will be listed on the tracking sheet, and the list will be updated regularly. The tracking sheet is in Excel format, so AE staff can search and sort the information to best meet the entity’s needs.

AEs must verify that potential Waiver Providers are identified for each service, and that the potential Waiver Providers are willing, qualified, and have entered into and maintained a Provider Agreement with ODP before approving and authorizing Individual Support Plans. When applicable, the Waiver Provider must also have entered into and maintained an Addendum to the Provider Agreement this currently applies to SCOs and AWC providers only. The AEs are charged with ensuring that all Waiver Providers enter into and maintain a signed Provider Agreement with the Department.

On May 27, 2009, the ODP Provider Agreement for Participation in Pennsylvania’s Consolidated and Person/Family Directed support (P/FDS) Waivers (Provider Agreement) was released to all Waiver Providers in Pennsylvania. The Provider Agreement serves as the statewide agreement between Waiver Providers and the Department of Public Welfare, as the State Medicaid Agency for the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities system.

Completed ODP Waiver Provider Agreements (Effective 3-5-20) Uploaded 03/23/21, 09:36