Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) Resources

Gas Manual and Appendices

This manual should serve as a reference when completing and determining levels of attainment on the Goal Attainment Scale (GAS) chart. GAS is an individualized approach for establishing and measuring the attainment of goals/objectives for people with varying levels of disability and support needs. Each chart includes one goal/objective and establishes a range of criteria to measure and reports on outcomes.

Gas Progress Reporting and Responsibilities

This is the QSR template providers should use when writing QSRs. It is revised to capture GAS components.

AAW Provider Quarterly Summary Report Template (Word)

For the most recent expectations regarding reporting requirements, see the training at this link: 

Course: Guidance on Reporting Requirements (myodp.org)

Best Instructional Manual

Best Instructional Manual (PDF)

Gas Chart Templates

These are the templates to use when creating GAS charts. It is strongly recommended that all providers make a good effort to use the Microsoft Excel version, which has guidance embedded in each chart. The Microsoft Word version should be used only when unable to access the Excel version.

GAS Chart Template in Microsoft Excel

GAS Chart Template in Microsoft Word

GAS Chart Date Guidance

This resource shows the quarter dates to be entered into GAS charts for all providers who will develop GAS charts.

GAS Chart Date Guidance (PDF)

Goals and Objectives Cheat Sheet

This resource contains BSASP expectations for writing goals and objectives for any service.

Goals and Objectives Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Instructional Decisions Resources

Instructional Decisions Resource (PDF)

Stages of Learning Flow Chart

Stages of Learning Flow Chart (PDF)

GAS Examples

These are sample GAS charts. Providers may use this as a guide but it is expected GAS charts will be individualized for participants.