Transition Discussions

Below is a collection of videos and resources that capture examples of varied discussions that Supports Coordinators and teams may have with individuals and families during times of transition. Potential experiences of individuals living independently, living with family, and living in a group home are captured. We hope that Supports Coordinators and teams view these videos and resources to inform their approach in leading transition discussions with individuals and families. These videos and resources can also be used by trainers who are focusing on the topic of transition. 

Additional resources highlighted in the videos as well as facilitation guides for trainers who use the videos as part of capacity-building efforts are included.

Living Independently Videos & Resources

These videos and resources depict the experience of Stephanie. Stephanie works for a local school district and is preparing to return to work at the start of the school year.  Her employer has contacted her about several changes to her routine and job duties due to COVID-19 (she will have to wear a mask during her entire shift and will have to practice social distancing and screening).  Stephanie is talking to her Direct Support Professional on Zoom about the changes and how Stephanie feels about returning to work. Stephanie, the DSP, her Supports Coordinator, and sister check-in to talk about this transition and Stephanie’s concerns using the Self Advocate Roadmap and Guide for Returning to Activities in the Community.

Independent Scenario Part 1 Video

Independent Scenario Part 2 Video

Living Independently Resources

Living Independently: Integrated Supports Star (PDF)

Living Independently: Life Trajectory Worksheet (PDF)

Living Independently: Self-Advocate Roadmap and Guide (PDF)

Living Independently: Facilitation Guide (PDF)

Living in a Group Home Videos & Resources

These videos and resources depict the experience of Shawna. Shawna has been living in her group home for three years. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large part of her socialization included going back to her parent’s home for a weekend a month and visiting with her family and friends in her hometown. Due to all of the COVID-19 restrictions in place, she has not been able to make this trip for several months. Her staff reports a significant change in both her social skills as well as her mental health. Using Charting the Lifecourse tools and transition guides, Shawna’s team feels it is important to assist her to develop a transition plan to engage with her family and friends while ensuring the health and safety of her, her family, and friends as well as the staff and individuals in her group home.

Residential Scenario Part 1 Video

Residential Scenario Part 2 Video

Living in a Group Home Resources

Living in a Group Home: Integrated Supports Star (PDF)

Living in a Group Home: Facilitation Guide (PDF)

Living with Family Videos & Resources

Family Network Part 1 Video

Family Network Part 2 Video

Living with Family Resources

Living with Family: Integrated Supports Star (PDF)

Living with Family: Life Trajectory Worksheet (PDF)

Living with Family: Facilitation Guide (PDF)