AAW Incident management resources

Incident Management: Adult Autism Waiver

In this section, you will find the information needed for reporting an incident. If you have any questions regarding incident management that can’t be answered via the resources in this section, please contact BSASP: ra-basprovidersupprt@pa.gov.

HCSIs Learning Management System & EIM

The HCSIS Learning Management System (LMS) hosts several helpful trainings regarding the Enterprise Incident Management (EIM) system, which is housed within HCSIS. BSASP highly recommends taking advantage of these training materials prior to requesting technical assistance directly from BSASP. The following is a list of materials available to providers by accessing the LMS, which is accessible from the HCSIS home page.

Enterprise Incident Management (EIM) Provider Training Materials
  User Manual 
  User Training FAQs
  Search Functionality Job Aid
  Systems Overview Captivate for Providers 
  Recording an Incident
       Part 1 – Create New Incident 
       Part 2 – Complete First Section 
       Part 3 – Record Certified Investigation 
       Part 4 – Complete Final 
       Part 5 – Complete Management Review 
  Reports Captivate 
  Subject Areas Job Aid

HCSIs Learning Management System & EIM

Incident Management: Soup to Nuts
This training was recorded on 2/13/2014

One of the most frequent requests for technical assistance that comes to the BSASP Provider Support Mailbox is related to the assessing and reporting of incidents in the Enterprise Incident Management (EIM) system. This training will walk through everything one needs to know to access and report incidents in the EIM system. 

TTT Incident Management – Soup to Nuts Powerpoint

TTT Incident Management – Soup to Nuts Video

Provider Manual & Incident Management

The following is an excerpt from pages 14-28 of the AAW Provider Manual. This guide can be found in the AAW Provider Information & Resources section of this site. All providers of AAW services must be familiar with their responsibilities related to incident management.

All providers of autism and mental retardation/intellectual disability supports and services are required to assure the health, safety, and rights of persons receiving supports and services. The primary goal of incident management is to assure that when an incident occurs, the response will be adequate to protect the health, safety, and rights of the individual.

“Standardization of the reporting format, the timeframes for reporting, and the investigation protocol are crucial to conducting individual, provider, and statewide analysis of incidents. The continuous review of incidents at the provider and state levels is to enhance risk management processes and to formulate actions to prevent the recurrence of incidents.”

The AAW Provider Manual section on Incident Management covers the following topics in-depth:

     Incidents to be reported within 24 hours
     Incidents to be reported within 72 hours
     Categories of Incidents to be Investigated

IM Forms to Use When HCSIS is Down

These forms in Excel format capture the required information as established in HCSIS and should be used in the event that HCSIS is down for an extended period of time, e.g., HCSIS remains unavailable after several attempts within a 24 hour reporting period and the report will be late if not sent via email. At the Provider’s discretion, these forms may also be used to collect incident information prior to being entered into HCSIS. 

In the event that HCSIS is down, the following process should be used to submit an incident to BSASP.

1. Click “File” and then click “Save As”
2. A dialog box will appear on your screen. Click “Tools” and then click “General Options”
3. A smaller dialog box will appear. Enter a password in the blank “password to open,” then click “OK” and the smaller dialog box will disappear.
4. Click “Save” and the file will be saved.
5. The file is ready to send to BSASP. Please include “INCIDENT REPORT” in the subject line and send it with “High Importance.” Send to the provider support mailbox at ra-basprovidersupprt@pa.gov.
6. Send the password to the same address in a separate e-mail.
7. The incident must be entered in HCSIS when the system becomes available. 

Consistent with the HCSIS reports, the Individual Incident Report, Crisis Event Report, and Restraint Report have a first section and a final section. In addition, if an incident involves hospitalization or death, those supplemental forms must also be completed and submitted. Please be sure to complete the appropriate incident form based on the incident category.