guidance on reporting requirements

This section details the requirements for Encounter Forms and Quarterly Progress Notes (QPNs).


The AAW QPN Training was originally held on October 13, 2020.

AAW QPN Training Recording

AAW QPN Training PowerPoint (PDF)

Forms for Reporting

AAW QPN DueDates All Providers (PDF)

Encounter Form (Fill-in PDF version)

Encounter Form (Word version): Word version of the template for the Encounter Form. Issued: 10/05/2012

QPN Forms

All services required to submit Quarterly Progress Notes (QPNs) will use the same template. It is recommended that you gather all information on the word document template below. All providers are required to submit QPNs to the Supports Coordinator via QuestionPro by the 10th of the month following the end of the participant’s quarter.

QPN Template – All Services (Word)

QPN Template – Example (Word)


These resources outline responsibilities for Supports Coordinators regarding the QPN process.

AAW QPN DueDates SCs (PDF)