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June is DeafBlind Awareness Month!

To mark June and its special significance to the DeafBlind community, we are sharing some tips on building relationships with those you support who are DeafBlind. Why? A strong relationship is essential to effective communication.

A chart labeling different cross-sections of deafblindness. Vision loss marks the left-hand column. Hearing loss marks the top row.
  1. Provide a welcoming environment- Consider using vibrations, preferred sensory items, and tactile materials to help the DeafBlind person to feel comfortable and cared about.
  2. Be present with the person you support- Watch for communication attempts, read body movement, and note preferences for items or ways to connect.
  3. Be safe and predictable- Keep the schedule and environment as consistent as possible.  If something has to change, communicate that in a way the person you support understands and can respond to.
  4. Respect differences- Each DeafBlind person is unique! It is important that as a supporter you learn about that person and their abilities, wants, and needs.
  5. Connect via interactions- When a person attempts to communicate, respond to that person.  Recognize they want to share something, give it your full attention, and respond in kind.

(Source: Building Trusted Relationships Resource Guide

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